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85.5 gallon shallow reef


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The tanks dimensions are 48"x36"x13" with 1" thick walls


x2 koralia 1050


x2 MaxiJet 600 pros ( removed too much flow in tank already )


hang on skimmer either an octopus or the newer bakpak? Soon to come


80lbs caribsea select ocean substrate


150watt via aqua titanium heater


50watt jager heater


65+ lbs mixed pukani/fiji rock


DIY led setup more leds to come!


QuietOne 2200 return


Live stock:


x3 Green Chromis


Yellow Coris Wrasse


Koralia SmartWave wave maker

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Ever consider Aqua Illumination?


It would take a few of those to light my tank :P its cheaper for me to build the lights myself, and hella fun to build them. I already know how im going to set the lights. I just dont know anything about hanging them. I have no clue if my ceiling will break from the weight of the lights lol. And kgoldy as for the design im not even sure myself lol ill post pics once John starts the tank up he'll be texting me pics of the progress. Just waiting for my tax return to come in.... Turbotax said it was supposed to be today but no moneh :(

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Just sent John the money! He said its gona take 3 weeks to fabricate and he'll be sending me pics of the progress. Also ordered 80lbs caribsea ocean select sand, my salt mix, x2 koralia 1050's, and a few misc additives. I need to get the stuff for the stand and figure out how im gonna mount the lights.


Edit: also picked up a koralia smartwave wave maker for my evos

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Ever think of sacrificing a ~ 20" x ~7" box to make an AIO. That way you can hide your heater, skimmer, top-off floats, media bags ect.. ? Especially on a peninsula setup you could sacrifice the back wall.


It can be streamlined somewhat like this /````````\

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No sump this is an aio tank. Heater will be along the back black acrylic wall hidden by the scape or in the reugium if it fits lol. The 300watt jager is pretty long.

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oh consider me subscribed. I wanna see pictures!


Pics will come once equipment comes in and when john sends me some pictures of the tanks progress. I sent him a text earlier asking how heavy he thinks the tank is gonna be so i know how many people to have help me load and unload the thing.

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Ok I need help with the return section. John texted me and said the return hole would take a 3/4" bulkhead. And I got a rio 2100 pump that I was told will use 3/4" tubing. So what exactly do I need for this hole? Can I just use a bulkhead with a 90 degree bend so I can attach the pump to it? I can only find a threaded 90 pipe but it doesnt come with the female part for the otherside of the wall. And all bulkheads I see are straight and dont come with the back piece to screw on and none of them have the 90 degree bend that I need to attach my pump and tubing to the threads. Im probably not explaining this right so I hope some one gets what Im trying to say.

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Ok I found these and want to know if this stuff will work together.



Both ends are 3/4" one end for 3/4" vinyl hose and other end for a 3/4" bulkhead. So is the elbow piece what i need for my 3/4" bulkhead and 3/4" hose? Or do I need a different size hole for a 3/4" bulkhead.... Im assuming since the numbers match up then everything is kosher. Someone please answer :) so I can get this stuff ordered in.


Also on a side note my led glue came in from rapidled, and so did my faucet adapter for my ro unit :). Now since my tank is close enough to my sink ill be able to turn on my sink and just set the line directly in my tank while I watch movies and wait for it to fill :P.


Came up with a fish stock list im wanting.


3-5 anthias


3-5 blue chromis


mandarin dragonet


and a possum wrasse or tanakas pygmy wrasse

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Stand base is done :) using cinderblock, 2x4, and plywood as my base. I got the frame for my lights done aswell, and all I need to do to that is add the L brackets for the glass splash guard and the led strips. Need to paint all the wood matte black, and need to go buy a qualit soldering gun cause the cheap ebay ones suck... Im waiting for a reply from John at Advanced Acrylics on the status of my tank cause it will be two weeks since being ordered on monday. I was givin a 2-3 week time frame, and its not that im rushing him I just want to know how far along the tank is :). I also decided once the tank is up Ill be saving for a mp40 to run with my koralias om their wave maker.

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Just got off the phone with John and the tank will be shipped out wednesday next week! He said he'll try and get me some pics today of the build in progress. Ill post up some shots of my unfinished stand tonight. Gonna grab some spray paint and new soldering iron tomorrow. Deff going to be buying a Weller cause these ebay soldering irons suck lol. Ill also be ordering some pukani rock this week aswell I think Ill be doing a triple island in my tank since Ive got some space to work with.

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New pics :) Dont mind the end string of leds cause Ill be redoing them.... Didnt notice I didnt do a 2>>>2 order. Also missing is two strips where the 2 spaces are. Ill be ordering 10 30k whites to do rb/30k combo for two strips. Right now thanks to a hacker I cannot order anything with my paypal account so those will have to wait.











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