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Identification help. wooly, hairy back worm?

Miss Nano

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I found this little 1/2" long hitchhiker in my live rock curing tank. I didn't have any luck in all the ID lists I've searched. It has a hairy back and a row of spines on each side of its body that it seems to use for mobility. It also has a pair of antennae(not visible in my pictures) like those of bristle worms. I couldn't match it to any worms I've ever seen. Especially how hairy it is. Any ideas on what it is?





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sea caterpillar ? lol looks like one of those fuzzy wuzzy ones





might not be a worm.. possibly a type of cucumber?


Thanks for the tip! I searched sea caterpillar just now and came up with this link:




I thought he looked extremely similar to the worm discovered in those pictures....so after googling "sea mouse," voila! Case closed!


Here's someone else that found one as a hitchhiker. Apparently they cover their backs in silt and sand for camouflage:



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