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seaweed sushi


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i got this idea from a local reefer who was successful in getting his tangs, who only eats nori, to eat pellet foods.


what you will need


  • nori
  • pellets or flake food if your choice
  • spray bottle with water
  • Kent Zoe, or other food additives with high vitamins and amino acids


what you need to do

  • using fish specific nori, or sushi grade nori with no flavorings or additives (cheaper, same stuff), divide each sheet into 4x4" squares. each sheet should yeild 4 squares.
  • spray some water on the nori to get it moisten, not soaking wet
  • sprinkle the flake food onto the nori. the water will help the flakes stick to the nori sheet.
  • for people who have pellets, crush the pellets into a powder and sprinkle onto the nori sheet.
  • add a few drops of kent zoe onto the nori sheet
  • roll up the nori sheet and flatten it. fold the ends together and flatten again
  • place it in the fridge and let it dry


how to use

once dried, clip the sushi roll at the open end with a nori clip and place it near where the problematic fish usually hides. this prevents the flakes/pellets from falling out initially. the fish will start nibbling on the sushi and every bit it takes it will contain nori, the flake/pellets and the added vitamins and amino acids. this will help the fish get the nutrients it needs and help get him to eat pellet foods.


I have a sohal tang that would eat nori, but still dont know what the pellets are. hes pretty skinny right now and i hope this will help him gain the weight back and start to eat pellets.

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Hahah my siblings run around the house eating up to a dozen sheets of nori. If you want to find some just check out the asian food section of your local supermarket, or come here and find it in almost any store.

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