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JbJ 12 lamps


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My JbJ 12 came with no lamps when purchased (used) and the LFS ordered new ones for me to purchase at a later day (today it so happens) this was /not/ something I asked them to do, but I found it nice of them to do so. So I got home with them, installed and they are 2 inches short of even reaching the clamps after being plugged in.


The lamps are 9" Coralife 18 Watt Actinic/10,000K and they charged me $44 for the pair, which seems overpriced to me. I'm not even sure the Wattage is enough and I have no idea if I should just call them tomorrow and discuss it with them despite their lack of any return policy, or just modify the hood to make the lamps clip in, suggestions?

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