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My Ecotech Radion tank mount


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Ok im old and slow.


how do you make the pics show up?


and whats "b& imo" mean?


Where you see the acrylic cut where the 3 buttons are i have a black piece i cut to size that covers that when the lights go dim for the night ill get some better pics of that

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You already have the link to copy and paste

it's below the picture in your photobucket


Just hold your mouse over the picture and it will show on the bottom. starts with an


and whats "b& imo" mean?









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That's nice!!! How do you have your light programmed?? And...how far off the water is it?



Well it's only about 3 inches off the water lol. So far everything has been great though. I am running a modified version of natural mode with Edited day night transitions.


I am running at 30% intensity right now I plan to increase 5% a week.


So far the light it awesome I have only owned t5 before so I won't compare it to other LEDs however it blows my old t5's out of the water.

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I've had mine for a week and my first impression is all good. I'm using artificial mode because you can program the fixture to change spectrum and intensity as often as you like. You can also add in clouds and storms. The clouds may be nice to use when acclimating corals but I don't see any use for the storm effect. Time will tell as far as coral response.

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