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Hi, right now i have a custom 35G rimless tank (22.5" x 21.5" x 18") with 15NW @~30% and 15RB@100% running @ 700mA in a 8.5"x12" heat sink, but im having a lot of shadows (most of the in the corners and the back part)... I tried moving up the fixture and it helped, but the corals in the lower part of the tank didn't like it.. (the sps started to turn brown..) I want to upgrade to a 10" x 15" heatsink with 13 NW @1000mA, 6 True violets @600mA, 7 RB in the same driver of the TV and another 13RB @ 1000mA..... All optics will be 55 for the RB and 65 for the NW... Should i do the upgrade?!?!? Ideas?!?! Recommendations?!?!


BTW This is my tank! -> http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=267051

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From what I hear .....


For an 18" deep tank, optics are not generally needed. Do ya have optics on your current build? Removing them will increase your spread to ~120 and may eliminate the shadows.


I'm in the planning stages myself for a 36x18x24 (65g). I plan on 48 LED's with 2:1 RB/NW in clusters with maybe 80 optics if I even need them as a base + T5's for added color as desired.


That's bout all I have to offer. Check the 3 big LED threads in the lighting forum to get "expert" input.

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