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I have what appears to be a dark colored (almost black) sludge on top of some of my rocks. in one spot, there seems to be some sort of macroalgae growing on it. the weird thing is that its right in a spot that is getting almost blasted by the powerhead. should I try to manually remove it? I really can't take the rock out of the tank though.. maybe i need a bigger CUC? anyone know what will eat this stuff?


any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks!

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im going to be doing a water change tomarrow and im trying to figure out the best way to remove the sludge on top of some of my rocks... is there anyway to remove this stuff without having to take the rock out of the tank? help

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Pics are needed to we can tell what it is.


i swear i just can't get a good picture of it. i've tried but i think it's the LEDs in my tank that messes with the color so much. its basically a dark (almost black) sludge on the tops of certain rocks - it can easily be scraped off but im not sure what to scrape it off with ..

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so my plan is to take an algae pad and just scrape this stuff off the rock and then syphon out as much of it as possible doing a water change. does this sound okay? i wish i had a smaller brush or something, would it be okay to use a toothbrush (new of course) inside of the tank to scrape off the sludge?

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