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Where to get Aquacultured clams?


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must be aquacultured, species less important. thanks for your thoughts!

in the UK I know all clams are aquacultured, i dont think the same is true in the states though

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Almost all the LFS's near me only carry aquacultured clams,just ask the owner to order you some if there aren't any avalible(excluding the ones ran by Asians)

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Liveaquaria sells ac clams....so do ORA vendors


Just curious - why AC only? If its for the obvious reasons(not taking from reef) then nevermind. Otherwise I'm interested lol


Sorry, just the usual 'i'm an environmentalist and don't want to destroy the reef' thing...no other reason. :)


live aquaria's out of ALL their AC clams except some gold ones which i don't find particularly pretty (at least not to justify the cost) most types of ORA clams, not to mention they're $50-90+$35 s/h, seems a little excessive. I was kinda hoping to spend $40 to $50 (I guess local is the only option) There's just no reef stores in the DC metro area ON the metro! If i could get them from a place that has reasonably priced coral frags and CUC, then i could justify the shipping but i can't seem to find places with AC clams...most are wild caught or people aren't advertising that they're AC, which seems odd to me...


oh well...maybe i should just be happy with my plain jane cleaner oyster/clam (not sure which)

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The prettier the clam - the more expensive. Also try Maricultured clames(aquaculturing in the ocean lol)...people buy ocean plots and setup shop..well rocks haha and grow out over a couple thousand acres of water, 20% of mariculture goes toward the hobby and the rest normally gets put back toward the reef or studies. Id choose maricultured over ac any day just for the simple fact that most mariculturalist's put back to the reef...


i guess i thought aquacultured was maricultured. generally AC means in the ocean (at least when referring to fish rearing for consumption)...its captive/ tank bred that's indoors, but i could be mistaken. Maybe ORA does theirs indoors. I wish they'd standardize the terms! But sure, I'm not against maricultured at all. Usually Live Aquaria has some nice AC clams in the $40-$50 range. I like those, just not a gold fan...I"ll just wait until they get more stock in, them seem cleaned out now!

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I thought I would just toss this in there.


If you're worried about the sustainability of wild caught clams - most areas that export these ornamental clams actually consume (eat) up to 10x or more than they actually export for the ornamental aquarium industry. This is true of vanuata and vietnam (not sure about other areas though).

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Pacific east aquaculture is an importer & wholesaler of tahitian clams, no a/c clams there...(i live 10 miles from them lol...and i still ordered elsewhere cause i refused to pay 600 for a 5" clam)

yea that's what I thought. I remember now, I saw a youtube video of hundreds of clams they had in their greenhouse that had all been culled from their habitat. what a shame.


cant use the volume right now so I dont know what this video is saying, but here's one


I wonder why the comments and rating is turned off...

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Not much is going to be less than $60. My LFS did have ORA clams for $50 one time, but they were not marked up like they normally would be.


Anything from the Marshall Islands tends to be aquacultured (ORA has a clam mariculture facility there)


ORA Derasas are typically around $40 + shipping


Pacific East Aquaculture has a good selection of clams, but they tend to be larger (4"+) and in the $200 range


Best bet is to ask your LFS

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thanks everyone. I had looked pacific east but crossed them off b/c wild caught. I know it may be a a small percentage that goes into the aquarium trade, but i couldn't live with it on my conscious that i took it out of its natural environment in the wild. Granted I've only been reefing for 7 years, but the only stock I've purchased from the wild has been some mithrax crabs, snails and hermits which i make sure are from florida (b/c true or not, i believe US has stricter collection laws then other countries)


I'll just wait until LA gets new stock in and bundle it with some of their gorgeous CB corals:) I"m sure i can easily spend $225 for free shipping heehee!

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