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This is probably a stupid question


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This is probably a stupid question (especially without a pic) but I've googled every combination of words I can think of and have come up with nothing. I'll try to get a pic when I get home if no one knows what I'm talking about. I went camping this weekend and when I got back, first thing I did was turn on my light to see if anything started to grow in the tank. I'm not seeing much in the way of growth but on my sandbed I am noticing these little brown pellet type things...They don't look like any of the diatom pics I googled and they are clumped throughout the tank in small bunches. It almost looks like fish waste (but not really as its way light) but I have no fish...Any ideas? Maybe its die off or something from my tank. But I'm stumped. When I get home, I'll post a pic. Thoughts??


(Tank has been running for over a week now. 20 pounds LS, 7 pounds BR and 12 pounds LR. I have one asterina starfish and one astrea snail who came in as hitchhikers and I had 3 brittle star hitchhikers but they have since disappeared (either they have died or they are hiding I'm assuming. Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate have all gone up and are now back at 0 and my ph is 8.2. Not sure on phosphate or alkalinity as those tests will be here on Wednesday. Sorry if thats too much background or if you didn't need it at all!)

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Could be snail poop, and also if the rock is straight from the ocean, there is a hard to describe , clumpy looking gunk that comes from inside the rock if it wasn't rinses well before hand.

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Pictures always help. Furthermore, you can never have too much background information when figuring these things out. I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone say "man, I wish I didn't have all this information!"

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Snail poo settling in the dead spots. My snails poo alot



Little piles of grey-ish/brown-ish cylinders of poo...Maybe your Astrea is feasting, all that algae it eats has gotta go somewhere... ;)

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LOL, thanks guys. You are probably right. Nasty! But at least I know where my dead spots are now...time to rearrange! Here it is:


Not the best pic but I'm still trying to work out this camera.

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Snails poop?! Lol. I always find pooh in low flow areas clumped up. I wondered what is was forever.


Yeah, depending on what you are planning for your tank, I would increase your water flow. I like to stir this crap up and keep most of the detritus off of the bottom. Then again, I get kinda lazy with my water changes. ;)

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