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RapidLED 12 LED Plug n play on AP12


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I've never checking my spelling again.


Rapidled made my custom order fast and gave me a fair deal (since i wasn't using lenses) $101 total!

Plug n play is so easy!


Can I plug my fan into the extra LED terminal which now has a filler plug in it?


And is it ok if my heat sink touches the top of the AP?


Will my coral give me a heads up if its too bright so i can adjust because that won't be easy, but i don't want to kill them all in a day. Right now polyp extension great, coral look awesome. only the already dying mushroom looked bad- vommited up his guts...again....Previously had 64W PCs. (and i must say, I was happy with their performance...my seriatopora grew really fast. monti's did ok, of course all the softies were fine...only my acro was heading towards death--we'll see if LEDs can revive him:)


50/50 royal blue and cool white perfect color rendition for me

no lenses= no spotlighting and very little light spillage- very pleased with that difficult and confusing decision.


Thanks to everyone for answering my questions about LED's over the past year,

I finally did it!

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Because I'm sure everyone's dying to know-- I asked rapidled and they said not to insert the fan into the led module. So i used an extra variable (3-9 volt) extra wall adapter (from old cell phone) and voila, works great for my vantec stealth fan:)

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