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IndyJaco's BioCube 29 Build


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Hello all,


After a rough start my BioCube 29 is finally on its way. I bought the tank, stand and Aquaticlife skimmer back in late December off Craigslist as new in a package. I had the tank all ready to go and cycling then... the tank cracked on New Years night and it was game over. I ended up getting everything rolling again on the 8th of January after receiving a replacement tank and added 18 lbs of live rock to the 20 lbs of sand which I pulled from the previous tank.


So far for livestock I have my CUC from Reef Cleaners which gave me a lot of snails and a mystery hermit crab which I received as well. They have been roaming around the tank like crazy. This Saturday I added a Firefish which is currently hiding in the rocks and being pretty lame as well as not eating. I have some spectrum pellets for feed, Oceanic omnivore chips and O.S.I flakes and pellets.


I am planning to deal with the stock lighting for now and add a pair of clowns in the next week or so after my next water change. I would like to get some soft corals but that will depend on how everything goes here in the next month.


I have a Hydor 425 gph pump in the back corner and the stock return pump. I have a media basket in the back with the usual components. I have a 100w hydro heater keeping the tank around 78 degrees.


Any feedback is appreciated especially on the placement of the powerhead.





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Any 60mm X 60mm x10mm or 15mm, 12v will work. The problem is most PC stores carry 20mm thick fans and screwing these into the stock location will require modifications to the hood or the fan mount. All PC fans are not crated equal though. Some offer more CFM but more noise others lower CFM and lower noise. Problem is finding the perfect mix. This is my choice and I have tried them all.


Newegg Evercool Fan

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Is there any electronics store that carriers the BC29 fans? It looks like one of mine is not working.



Intank sells them at www.mediabaskets.com

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Are those a direct fit?



Sort of they will screw right in but you would have to attach the plug in from the old fan to these since the BC uses a 2 plug and the PC fan has a 3 plug. I made a simple wire adapter for mine. This means you would have to do some simple soldering. It has the BC plug on one end and the 3 plug to plug the PC fan on the other end. PC fans have 3 wires since one is used to measure the fans RPM's.


The adapter is easy to make. Since the old fan is junk just cut the wire from the old BC fan as long as you can leaving the BC plug end on the wire. When you get the new fan it has the 3 plug plug in with it you just have to solder that to the BC fan wire. Note PC fans are polarity driven if you get the polarity wrong they will not work. Getting the polarity wrong will not hurt the fan or the hood the fan just will not work. You would have to switch the wiring around to get the fan to work. Once you have the adapter made you are good to go with any 12v PC fan you want to try. The yellow wire on the PC fan is the RPM wire you don't hook it to anything.

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