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Chalice ID


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Thanks alot. He was browned out and cost me $20... Just wanna know if anyone has ever seen one like it? Looks like a WWC BomBom but this one is way more color. I have a Bom Bom and when you compare the two it is obviously dif.

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Thats an amazing chalice but this one is more textured.


I pasted the wrong link, what about this one:



For the past days i've been looking for chalices, i've seen your type before, don't remember where. Try Jason's Fox site or Craig Bagby's blog.


If not, call it JNA galaxy chalice and enjoy it. It's beautiful.

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Your the MAN! Yea that looks like it. I took it to WWC since I live right down the road and they didnt know what it was :lol:


Well taking a closer look the pink is more spread in the hologram... But close anof lol.

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