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Who to add next?


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Hi all,


My 29's been running smoothly for quite some time, and I think I'm ready to add my final fish. My clown's only ever been aggressive towards me when I get near his hammer coral, and my 6 line wrasse and tailspot are inseparable, so I think it's a fine environment to add to.


What do you guys think would fare well? I was thinking a goby originally, but I hear about them staying hidden a lot, and my tailspot kind of fills the long skinny fish role. I was thinking about a dwarf angelfish, any other suggestions?


As always, thanks for the help guys

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2 yellow fishes, interesting, I've liked some of the clown gobies I've seen at my lfs, any differences between the different sub-species other than coloration?

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Warpaint and green clown gobies IME get a tad beefier and a little "meaner" if you can call a clown goby mean. EVERY once in a hoot, you will find one that likes to nip SPS like pocci and acros

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^good to know man, I don't have any sps and unfortunately don't think I'll end up going that route, next time I go to the lfs I'll watch the clown gobies and see if I like any of them.

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