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Twin Spotted Wrasse


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So, I had my first encounter with a Twin Spot Wrasse and I was floored. Such a gorgeous little guy! My husband (luckily) said, "Calm down, be a good little fish keeper and go do some research." Unfortunately, as most of your probably know, they are not reef safe, definitely not nano size, and grow into a rather unattractive and ugly fish.


My hope is, however, that some of you guys know of a nano fish that is as pretty as a juvy twin spotted wrasse? I currently have a 20 long, but we want to upgrade to a 40 and then, ultimately, a 120. So, while I would like a pretty guy now, I will accept suggestions for fishies for those tank requirements as well.




The awesome, not for me, twin spotted wrasse. Talk about your reverse ugly ducklings!

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