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Innovative Marine Aquariums

Lion's Coral Den! Kessil, Rics, Zoas, Palys!


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Hey guys,


Starting my first thread on nanoreef! Excuse the low quality pics from my camera phone.


Current setup 2/4/12 -



  • Nanocube 12 DX Hoodless
  • Kessil 150w Ocean Blue
  • inTank Media basket w/ Purigen + Chemi-Pure Elite
  • 3 Hydor Koralia Nano (One old model, two new)
  • Hydor Reflector Return
  • Surface Skimmer


FTS: May, 2012










Le Kessil:



The Water Flowers:





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Just took some, loading on photobucket while I watch Corgi videos on youtube. :)


In the mean time, watch this while waiting:


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Alright! Time for some more pics!


Left to Right of the Den:



Pink and Gold Colony:



Ricordea Island:



Above the Island, Zoa Fields:





Left Ricordea Island





Topping it off with a top-down Photo:








Yesterday I traded off 3 rics for this here beauty. Meet the Blonde Eye Blue B$#@$! Current fav and the colors POP.


Photo sucks. Me has no good camera. Forgive me photo lords:


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Great tank. :)



...I love Sparky. Girlfriend says he's fat though. Good thing he's exercising while eating!


But my #1 dogs are Goldens. Can't beat big, nice, and fluffy.


Fragged my first zoa last night with some guidance from a ninja. Hmm, I need to head on over to Daiso.


But they're looking good and looking swell! There's three on one disk (6 polyps total) because these were polyps on the colony that were starting to attach on the glass wall.. eek. Also as 3 different trials. But I'm very proud of myself!


First fragged Pink Gold Paly, 2/4/12


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Here's the fish in the tank:



I had no idea how difficult it was to take a picture of a clownfish. They are constantly wiggling... Those who have clear pics of these guys have achieved an achievement I can't even do...


Anyways, meet Poseidon, king of the seas (Nano in this case):


Case A: Super blurry. Darn boy won't stay still!




Better pic of one side:



And now the other side:




Puppy the Tail Spot Blenny:


Hard at work:



Taking a little break before it's back to algae wages!



Was debating between getting the tailspot or the much rarer (and WAAAAY more expensive) Tiger Blenny. My LFS had the tiger for $200... ouch. My other LFS got the tailspot for only $16 so what the heck. I always had a soft spot for them. Was a great decision, since this guy has tons of personality. Plays around all day in the tank and even when my hand is in there too. Even has the nerve to nip at me. Bad Puppy!


The yasha goby pair:


The lady hanging on the right of their den:



And the big boy keeping look out on entrance 2 (hard to see, but he's in the dark area...):


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very cool!!!



good looking tank right here



Nice tank. Congrats!!!


Thanks for the kind words. I recently just started to take the coral side more seriously. I had a lot of help on here and from people along the way. Still working on this tank as you can tell by the empty space!

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Your tank is going to look awesome when everything grows out!


BTW Where are you from?


Can't wait for the grow out too!

I'm from the bay.

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Really likin' the rock of rics!!


Thanks! All of them are from coralmorphologic. Still collecting them!


I love the way you have your rocks laid out... very cool!

I originally had a different scape a month ago, was set up to be three islands, but was not happy with the limited space I gave my corals to grow. Was inspired by a member on Reef Central and used his tank as a basis for mine. Definitely gives much more room for growth in a very small space.

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Alrighty, another update. Going to try splitting my rarest, and most favorite, ricordea. Solid yellow. Yeah. All yellow. Using the good old fashion rubber band trick! This guy just split from the 2 1/2" polyp so I decided since I had a backup I might as well since this one had two mouths. This method has worked for me before and is best used when the polyp you're about to split is large enough that when they split both polyps are still good sized.


Here it is in the front of the tank just so you can see the rubberband:



Going to let it chill in the Ricordea islands next to his clone. Should take about 3-4 days.



While I'm at it, decided to take more pictures. Who doesn't like pictures? ;)


King Midas mini colony:


Funny story on these. They were in another tank (400 gallons) and started off as about 4 polyps. I decided to focus more on my nano and decided to find rock rubble and found these guys under some rock, all tiny and closed up. Revived and was happy to see it was the King Midas. :)


Sunny D's:


Got the two polyps you see here when I traded my panorama pro's. It sprouted two babies but a large asterina starfish munched on them... Now I get rid of those stars whenever I see them. The babies have grown back though and are looking good (you can see a little one in the back)!




Man, I don't understand why these guys are still expensive. I also got these in my panorama pro trade as 2 polyps but in the 2-3 month span they sprouted 3 babies already with a little nub which I believe is a fourth! A local reefer told me his grow like fire as well. Can't wait to get them covering the plug, then the rock. Can you spot Puppy playing hide and seek?

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I noticed that my Armor of Gods were growing when I compared them to the polyp count I first got them so I went to check on them and yup... They started growing on the rock. This is a morph I would like to control based upon their growth rate so I moved it from its spot and glued another bigger plug under it to give it some more room. I also moved them up from the mid area they were originally and moved them to the near top since they weren't getting the intense almost solid orange coloration I was seeing with other reefer's morphs. They seem to be happy and don't stretch as much.


The result:



While I was at it, took pics of the other corals.




Grown 3-4 polyps in about 1-2 months since first purchased in LFS. Not bad! Def a fav. Much better than the regular red palys.




Purchased from a local reefer at a great price. Grown 2-3 polyps since then. Also a fav. I was stoked when I got these as he gave me way more than I thought I was getting for the price.


Devil's Armor:


They may be on the lower end of the zoas, but MAN do I love them! The colors pop and the black circle markings are sick. Got them as part of the trade for my panorama pro's and initially didn't want them since most people see them as one of the junkier zoas. Glad I got them anyways since they ended up coloring up in my tank! Surprised that they grow slow though... Got them the same time as the rastas, sunny d's, and armor of gods, and they only managed to plop up a baby polyp. Funny.


Ricordea Island/Yasha Pair Home:


Been collecting as many different rics that catch my attention. Favs are the Orange Sherbet with aqua rim on the right (massive guy... about 2 quarters big!) and the neon orange in the center. It's got dark blue centers that "splash" onto the orange, making it look like splattered paint. You can see it trying to split. Been working for about 5 days now. Go go go!

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Watching the tank and noticed that both of the yasha's are out together! Can you guys see them? Sorry for the bad pics, they like to hang behind the rock now.



The female was added first and has been in the tank for about a month - month + half. That's why she's brave enough to venture further from the burrow.



Big boy hiding in the shadows. Woman, fetch me some amphipods!


And their ever reclusive worker,


Pistol Pete the Randalli Pistol Shrimp:



A big happy family... So far. Fingers crossing that the sexing method works. So far, so good...

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OMG! I love your tank!


Wow! Soo many rics and zoas. Gee, that sounds familar. :P


I don't have any of those fancy ones, though.


Where did you get your yashas and how did you sex them. A mated pair sounds so intriguing.



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Builder Anthony

hmm ......first time i seen this tank,i really like it with all the different colors.the rubberbands a good idea for splitting that ric.i have a orange one for around a year now and its pretty big but never split.ill probally leave it alone though.

i know what your saying about low priced zoas looking great..... i basicly buy things that look good and i went to this one store and was just picking zoas out by impressive color or something i never seen.i got 3 cheaper zoas but there colors are just as nice.

anyways.....i dont really remember seeing some of your zoas around id like to trade sometime.....maybe a single polyp of this and that.hopefuly that will be a go on your end but illl have to get some pictures for all that.any other tricks you have up your sleve similuar to the rubberband?

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OMG! I love your tank!


Wow! Soo many rics and zoas. Gee, that sounds familar. :P


I don't have any of those fancy ones, though.


Where did you get your yashas and how did you sex them. A mated pair sounds so intriguing.




Haha, it does sound familiar doesn't it? ;) No purdy flower in mine though. Maybe one day when I get over my fear of $60+ melting yumas. Got my yashas at my LFS. I'll share my experiences with them soon... It wasn't the best trial and error when getting these guys. To sex them simply look for black on the bottom cup fin. Females don't.


Like so:


Big one = boy. Little one = girl. You can clearly see the black vs clear here.


Apparently in yasha gobies that have been in captivity males lose their black marking. But that shouldn't matter for a few months, so the ones at your LFS are what they are. I don't know if this method works, but I did notice that every yasha goby pair on LiveAquaria's Divers Den had a male (black foot) and a female (clear foot). So huh. Guess they pair them up this way as well. Make sure to get them the Randalli pistol shrimp as they're found with them naturally. Randalli pistols also stay small so they don't make as much of a mess as the tigers do (those guys are nonstop working bulldozers!) in a nano. But mostly because small fish need small companions. Just from my experiences.

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