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12" Rimless LED Cube - SPS/LPS/Softies Build Thread


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April 28th:



April 17th:



April 11th:



April 3rd:



April 1st:



March 31st:



March 23rd:



February 21st:



February 5th:






12" Glass Cube

AquaClear 70 Filter

inTank AC70 Media Basket

LEDTRIC™ Par38 Full Spectrum ReefLamp

LEDTRIC™ MoonPop™ Moonlights

50 watt Tetra Heater

EcoTech VorTech MP10wES


Stock list:


10lbs CaribSea Live Sand

4lbs Marco Rock

Garf Diversity Nano Package



Bam Bam Orange Zoanthids

Eagle Eye Zoanthids

Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoanthids

Dragon Eyes Zoanthids

Pink Palyathoas

Alien Eye Zoanthids

POA Zoanthids

Caribbean Blue Zoanthids

Watermelon Chalice

Cornbred Bubblegum Monster Chalice

Dragon Soul Prism Favia

Purple Tipped Frogspawn

Orange and Purple Ricordea

Riddler Chalice

Mohawk Palyathoas

Green Star Polyps

Candy Apple Red Palyathoas

Blue Hornets Zoanthids

Scarface Palyathoas

CK Strawberry Blastos

CK Highlighter Yellow Acropora with Blue Tips

Purple People Eaters Palythoas

Purple Hearts Palyathoas

Goldie's Palyathoas

Unknown Palyathoas

Clementine Palyathoas

Blonde Blue Eyed #####es Zoanthids

Fire and Ice Zoanthids

Sunny D's Zoanthids

Nuke Green Palyathoas

Purple Deaths Palyathoas

JF Pirates Blood Palyathoas

Tangerine dreams Zoanthids

Unknown Chalice

Unknown Acropora

Red Blastos with Neon Green Centers

Green base Red-Eyed Chalice

Highlighter Orange Plate Coral

Rnegret Ressurection Chalice

Blue Watermelon Chalice

Orange Eyed Blue Chalice

Orange Envy People Eater Palys

Easter Eggs/Miami Vice Zoanthids

10 Different "Vice" Zoanthid Mini Colonies from CM




Pair of Black Occellaris

Purple FireFish

Sixline Wrasse


All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.





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Thanks iball1804.


More updates:


Sand added



Rock added



Filter added



Went to go get some R/O but the closest LFS had really high PPM and I didn't have time to go to another place today, so going tomorrow and picking some up and ordering a RO/DI unit so I don't have to worry about that.


Will keep updating when more equipment starts to come in... Can't wait til the lights get here!

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Sorry I have not updated this thread lately, been really busy.


Some new additions:


50w heater, great little heater, no problems thus far a week in.



Building a screen top, had to make some adjustments and riggings for it to fit right, will be painting black and should be receiving 1/4" clear polypropylene screen today.



LEDTRIC™ Par38 Tri-color 18.5w Lamp came in yesterday, looks great, going to install soon and take some pictures over the tank.



Red Fin Fairy Wrasse, will be living here til my frag tanks are moved to their new location. Was shy at first, but he's already out and about eating pellets.



Will update more when I get the light over the tank and start moving over some corals.

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Full Tank shot with light, loving it. Picture shows it really blue and pics up the red a lot more than reality, but it's more of a crisp white with the hint of blue. I have it about 10-11" from the water line. I am going to post PAR ratings later this week and I can't wait to get some corals in here!


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You have a Meter to measure PAR? also, whats the K temp of that light? looks to be around 14k or higher. When i think of PAR i think of intensity. Looks good, i like how clean it looks!

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Thank you everyone for the nice comments!


Bulldogpet: We will be sponsors here really soon taking pre orders, if interested you can PM, different color variations are available and we will take custom orders.. LEDTRiC is our company name, you will see our banners soon :).


Baker: I'd say a bit more than 14k, the 460nm blues are really nice and balanced with the 660nm red and the 6500k whites. I have a PAR meter, but it has been acting up, might have to order a new sensor.


On another note, just got some new goodies :)




Will take more pics when they are fully open.


nice looks good always wondered about using hang on the back power filters and saltwater setups always thought a sump was required...


AC70 + inTank Media Basket and Voila!

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Stock list:

Helfrichi Firefish


Cant wait to see him. Such an amazing fish.


I was thinking about getting one myself but me wanting to have a true rimless open top tank kinda puts the kibosh on that. Your screen will contain it nicely though :)

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Thank you Jrmiller, it's coming along :)


Scorched, I will be ordering one in a couple weeks, going to give it a while. On that note, here is the screen installed :)




Dragon Eyes



Bam Bams



Valentines Day Massacre



Sorry for the low quality pics, I will get better at this some day, lol.

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Baker, thanks! Time will tell on SPS, I prefer not to comment on that til I have official PAR ratings, but I believe it will be more than enough.


Castiel, no, not at all. Not sure why you would assume that considering the specs posted are nothing like LEDwholesalers. Their lamp is 12w, ours is 18.5w and our color combination is red, blue and white, while they are just red and blue. If you are referring to the fact that the shells look the same, lol, almost all do unless they are black cases ( which we will be offering, this is just a prototype ).


Manaz, thank you! Ordered some more Zoa's and some equipment.

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Are the zoas you have the ones from the craigslist guy?

Yes sir, but it's more like, Craigslist girl, lol. It is I believe her and her husband, very nice people. Definitely recommend going and checking them out. They have $15 frags to $200 per polyp pieces, some ridiculous zoas and chalices.

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How much was the bulb and are you a vendor?


Yes, we will be sponsors here on Nano-Reef in the next coming days as well as be releasing other color combinations and fixtures in the near future. This particular lamp will be going for $99.. If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me.


I would like to wait til we are official sponsors before taking anymore questions publicly out of respect for current sponsors and Christopher Marks.


Let's try to keep this about my build :)

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I hope it works out for ya :) I am still debating on what kinda tank to build. I seen this freaking awesome looking tank online the other day, it was a Non-photosynthesis coral Build. See link


Click Here


Freaking awesome! I am so jealous of this tank.. absolutely beautiful

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