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help cant keep my alk up


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i am having trouble keeping my alk up

the system is about 50 gal, sg 1.024 cal 450, mag 1300. for a while my alk would sit at 5 or 6dkh i would try to dose it up and the next day it would be back down.

i did some reading and found that other people where having similar problems with the kent reef salt. so i changed salts. i am now using neomarine from brightwell. i did a 10gal water change waited a week and did another 5 gal. no change still stayin at 6.

im pretty sure the buffer i am adding is just precipitating out as it is covering my heater and in my pumps.

i also tryed some baking soda and managed to get it up to about 9 after a few days but that didnt last long. it is now sitting around 7dkh.


the tank is not that heavily stocked with things that use alk that fast and my cal is stable at 450.

i have a few sps frags but not many.

i was running chepure elite but removed it because i thought it may be bringing it down.

some one please help my.

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Are you dosing Ca? High Ca will drop your KH, and vice versa. They go hand in hand, gotta find the balance. I dose Seachem reef carbonate daily, and Ca every other day. Mine stays at about 10.7, and 380. Sunday water change drops it to about 8.0, 325. So 1ml KH daily, and 1 1/2ml Ca every other day (28g).

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Have you looked into dosing kalk?


I run a 29-30 gal (total volume) and it works for me. I just had a lights off period for almost 4 weeks to fight an algae bloom issue (GHA to green water) and the entire time my alk remained between 10 - 12, ca from 380 - 420, and pH always hovered around 8.0.

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Check if your test kit is accurate or bring a sample to your LFS...

This. I was having a similar issue then I checked the calibration solution that my Salifert kit came with and turns out my test reads low.

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