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Best 8 gallon AIO?

Aunt Minnie

Best 8 gallon AIO?  

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  1. 1. Best 8 gallon AIO?

    • CADlights Mini - $170
    • Innovative Marine Nuvo - $200
    • JBJ Nano Rimless - $170
    • PicoAquariums EVO12 - $180

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Which of these HAWT new offerings do you guys think is the best Nano AIO for a beginning nano reefer and why? All are 8 gallons. Below are a couple notes regarding each model:


CADlights Mini: priced at $170, this tank measures 12" x 12" x 13", features gently curved front edges and includes a 75GPH pump and sleek-looking (albeit probably cheap) 6.5W LED fixture. The biggest perk for the price? STARPHIRE GLASS!!!


Innovative Marine Nuvo: the most expensive yet complete offering of the bunch, this model features extremely modern styling, an 8W LED fixture (probably also cheap), 13 - 92 GPH pump, glass top and media basket. Not including its "pedestal" it measures 11.8" x 12.2" x 15.6" (LxWxH).


JBJ Nano Rimless: so new I can't find any good reviews or pics of it yet. VERY similar in appearance to the CADlights, it features dual return pumps, glass top and media basket. No lighting included (might be a good thing), $170.


PicoAquariums EVO12 - $180 for regular glass and $215 for the Starphire; these are pre-order prices -- I'm sure they will increase after February 13. Arguably the best designed and best built of the bunch, this 12" cube does NOT include lighting, glass top or media basket.

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Build your own dood!


Nothing like having your own reef that you have created!


I am actually in the process of building my own 45 gallon shallow rimless reef with custom sump and stand. This 8 gallon nano tank is an early birthday gift for my brother...I don't have the time to build it and he has absolutely zero DIY skills. I've always been interested in these smaller AIOs and am curious what people think is the best system out there.

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None yet! I decided to go a little bigger...still liking Pico though!



I do too, but they get pricey once you add lights.



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