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ATO's and Nano's?


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Hey all,


got a question. I realize that with a nano evaporation is pretty significant, so how many of you have ATO's on your Nano's and if you are sumpless, how do you install it it in your main without looking obtrusive and ugly?




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I run a gravity return Fuge where the top off is added to the non-return side. The water is stored in a 5 gallon bucket and administered using a BRS dosing pump (50 mL/min). 



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I have no sump or filter. I hide my float switches behind my internal skimmer. You can see the skimmer on my tank thread. Another option is to put a lid on the tank. It's amazing the difference. I was going through like a quart a day without it. Now I maybe use a quart a week.

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