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New 20g long nano


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I had a 120g reef set up for 6 years. Two and a half years ago, I broke it down, got tired of bucket wc's. I redid several tanks this winter, and ended up with a 20g long on my rack empty. My DH asked if I would consider another smaller reef, knowing I do wc's weekly on 7 fw tanks, but he really liked the reef I had set up. I started checking out the forums and decided to go for it. I normally do not do tank journals (I do keep an excel spreadsheet with notes on all my tanks), thought I'd try one this time.


Tank specs:


AGA 20 gallon long

Catalinaaquarium.com 2x24W T5HO lighting with 6500K/pink grow bulb :lol:

Rena xP1 canister (for now)

Koralia 2

8lbs Haitian cured Live Rock from local LFS

1lb Tonga Branch LV from same LFS

4lbs Fiji Rock

Total 13 lbs of rock, utoh!

Tropic Eden Reeflakes

Crystal Reef salt


Will be delivered next week:


ATI coral+ and an ATI blue + bulbs from BRS

Hopefully a refractometer if BRS gets them in


Still need to buy:


Cheato for AC70 (have the AC70 already)

Mediabasket from mediabaskets.com

Fuge light from mediabaskets.com

New testing kit (my current one is over a year old)


I know my lights are for planted freshwater, new bulbs will be delivered next week. I decided to use the 2 bulb fixture for now, I'm sure I'll be upgrading, but with the upfront costs, well, you do what you can do!


I do have one question, should I add the fuge w/Cheato now? or wait til after my cycle is complete?


Below is a quick (badly taken, but that's all you'll get from me, badly taken pics) pic. This weekend I will add the sand and redo the LR.



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Added 20lbs of Tropic Eden Reeflakes today. This sand is really white with a few scattered red flakes, I like it. I also exchanged out the K-nano for a K3, much better flow. Added the AC70 with a sponge for now. Can't wait to get my new bulbs next week. Redid the LR, like the left side much better, not crazy about the right "island"....




Pic came out really "salty", think I need to wipe down inside glass walls. Later, I've had my hands in the tank enough for one day.

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Thanks Minnie, I popped over to your 40B thread. Def one of the nicest rock scapes I've seen, ever. Did you glue to rocks down? Also love your lights, it'll be awhile until I upgrade but I've added Kessler to my notes. Thanks again :)

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Thanks Minnie, I popped over to your 40B thread. Def one of the nicest rock scapes I've seen, ever. Did you glue to rocks down? Also love your lights, it'll be awhile until I upgrade but I've added Kessler to my notes. Thanks again :)


Thanks loco :) Only one rock is glued in place because it's a small one that's sitting on the top of the pile.


What are you planning on putting in your tank?

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Fish, not sure. I want an active tank, but never overstock any tank (but my new Malawi tank will be overstocked this Saturday :) ). My one and only decent LFS shut down last year, only to reopen last month. I'm going to check them out tomorrow. I'll prob do a goby/pistol pair and a pair of clowns...maybe a blenny. Not sure on the clowns, my tomato clown at 5 years old grew way too big for a 20g long.


As far as corals, right now my fixture is T5 2x24W....I'll see what I can keep with just two bulbs. What I have in my favor is the height of a 20g long, 12". But, lighting is going to be a problem with this tank, it's the middle tank on a rack, I don't have much height to work with. I was looking at PAR LED's, but I don't have the height above the tank to raise them much. Meh, I'll figure it out.


I won't be keeping gsp, or green schrooms. Sucka's took over 1/2 my old 120g, when I tried to pry the green schrooms off the rock, they squirted me in the eye w/20 microscopic cannon balls, painful and 3 trips to the eye doc to get them out. And I had to endure all the "schroom" jokes.


I do love ricordia's, and zoe's. Maybe some pulsing zena. I'd love to try some acro's again, not sure I can with the lighting I have.


The LR I bought was cured, I'm not getting much ammonia, .25 is about it, with -0- NO3. I might go fish in using Seachem Stability. Now before I get flamed, I've used Stability many many times, never lost a fish, no gill burning. I was as skeptical as everyone else until I read a thread on MFK, years long and over 25 pages with success stories. I tried it this summer cycling a 125g, this fall with a 4g ADA shrimp tank, and this winter I redid substrate on a 75g and 26g. As long as you follow the directions to they T, it works. I'll see what the LFS has in stock, and have him hold it until Friday. This way I'll have a few days of Stability working on the tank before I put in any fish.

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Went to the new/old LFS today, I was sooooo tempted to purchase frag or two, this week they have buy two get one free...grrrrr. Decided to buy 4 more pounds of Fiji Rock, two pieces fit together perfectly. The rock is "partially cured", I'll see if I get any spikes within the next week. Brought home 7 gallons of their RO water, at 50 cents a gallon it's cheaper than the pink cap walmart distilled water. Took out my TDS meter, both waters measured 4ppm, hmmmm, maybe my meter is off that much...no biggie either way.


Also bought a refractometer also, my water tests 1.025, I was thrilled! Using the Instant Ocean needle plastic thing was frustrating.


Pic of the new scape, really doesn't do it justice, there are many nooks and holes on the left side you can't see:




Think I'm done with the scape, maybe a peice or two of rubble to connect the right to left, maybe not.


Now the wait :rolleyes:

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Started getting diatoms on the rock last Thursday. Started Seachem Stability, picked up two three bar Damsels, cute little guys. Eating well, cruising the tank, tho they hide when I walk over to view. Thinking if the diatoms get worse, or I see any other algae, I'll order a cuc this week.

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I have diatoms, ordered cuc, hopefully here today. Did a 5g water change, still adding Seachem Stability. Took out damsels yesterday, brought back to LFS:






Killing me to wait on buying another fish, or my first coral. I'll see how the cuc does.

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I put a cuc from reefcleaners 3 days ago, they are doing a nice job:








I have some hair algae cropping up. Still adding Stability, no ammonia or NO3 detected at all. Thinking of adding a goby the end of this week if all is going ok.

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It's been a couple of weeks since I updated this thread. Got an Intank Media basket for the AC70, stuffed it with some Cheato. Also put an Aquatop 21 LED light on it, have it lit 8 hours a night. Purchased a fish last week, Tail Spot Blenny from LA. Tiny little guy, but he's actively swimming around when lights are on, and eating well. Also bought some corals, couple of ric's, favia, one monti, small neon open brain, chalice, duncan, a small acan and a few polyps. Below are some really bad pics:





left side:



right side:



I'm going to stop buying now, I realize I'm going way to fast, need to let things settle. I'd like to find a watchman goby and eventually maybe add 2 nemos. Need to work on getting a macro lens for my D5000, but first I need to learn how to use the dam thing!

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I like the individual pieces of the rock, but the way it is now it looks like a pile of rocks on the left. JMO.

Other than that it's looking pretty good.

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