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33 gallon ==> 10 gallon


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Long time lurker, but here's my first thread. I am migrating and thinning the flock from a 33 gallon long to a 10 gallon. Here's the progression so far.



So it's time to say good bye to the 33 long and hello to a re-purposed 10.




Not pretty I know, but we'll see how it cleans up. Can't beat it for the price of FREE!




Working with a penguin 150 filter and two screw in fluorescent bulbs. You can see the canopy has melted in one spot. This hood is temporary anyway as I plan to go topless; 20" T5HO is on order.




The 20watts of fluorescent aren't so aesthetically bad.




Time to wash out the Tahitian moon.




Free painters tape, courtesy USPS. Time to paint the back.




Fairy Tale Blue, for the background color.




3 coats and 24 hours later with just a hand bristle brush. Then I cut




These were my 3 favorite rocks from the 33 gallon tank.




I used 50% of the sand from the old tank and topped off with Tropic Eden Reef Flakes. Added one new fish over time.

Fish: Clownfish, Blue/green Chromis

Inverts: Cleaner Shrimp, a bunch of Cerith, Astrea, Margarita snails, Coco Worm, Feather Duster.




I have to say I'm really surprised how well it turned out. First thing that I love is that the night stand that the tank is sitting on, is level with my bed so I can watch the tank while I fall asleep. Second there is a lot less equipment. No reactors, no return pumps, no plumbing, no sump, no skimmer. The heaters are neatly tucked away in the filter. One of my biggest fears was that I would come home one day and find my bulkhead broke or plumping leaked. Hang on the back filter gives me peace of mind. Not to mention smaller water changes, and operating costs.


To do list:

1. Setup the tunze osmolator eye in the display tank for auto top off. If anyone knows any good tips to setup the osmolator eye without the magnets, for use in a nano please leave advice. The plastic tote bin in the first pic that holds RO/DI water, fits perfectly under the night stand!


2. T5HO is on order. Modify an AC 110 for slower flow then put an Aquaticlife 115 skimmer in it. Run carbon and gfo in a draw string filter bag. Going to add soft and LPS corals.


3. Sell the 33 gallon setup.


Again any advice tips or constructive criticism is welcome.



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You could get away with epoxying it together.


I do not understand how you was able to do with just a 10g. I could not keep a crab survive with the 29g tank (when I started the hobby).

I think a 20g long might make more sense perhaps?

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We have lights and an AC110 and some corals...


AC110 just barely fit with the light. No need to cut impeller, just have it dialed down to lowest stock setting. With a larger grain substrate it's perfect.




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