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Sump questions


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I'm officially setting up a 40B!! I'm considering a sump, but I need some help. In the sump, I'd like to have a protein skimmer, heater, and a small fuge compartment. I was thinking a 15G? Please let me know what you think of that. I've found some simple designs online, but before I get into those, I have a few questions:


1. Drill or not drill?

-I am TERRIBLE and TERRIFIED of DIY. I can't drill the tank myself, so I'd have to find someone to do it. I've heard that having a HOB overflow has a big disadvantage during power outages, but if it's not that deep and if I don't fill my sump all the way, it should be ok. Right?


2. Plumbing

-the online sump designs online don't talk about the tubing to and from the tank. I don't know the first thing about that, and that's probably what I'm most scared about. Where can I learn what to buy?

-And once I drill a hole in the tank (if I go that direction), how do things attach to the hole?


3. After buying all my basic equipment, I'm broke

-I'd like to wait a few months to set up the sump, but I want to drill now (if I choose drilling). Can I put something in the hole to close it off in the mean time?


4. Where do I drill, and how many holes do I need?


5. How much should this cost...?


I had one more Q, but I can't remember it. I'll post later. Thanks! Please help!



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If it were me I would buy a glass holes 700 overflow. They will come with the diamond coated drill bits necessary to drill glass and the bulkheads needed. I would also buy the return elbows and lock line fr them. It'll cost around $60 if I recall. The overflow will come with an oversized 1.5" stad pipe fitting which is great. Use PVC or flex tubing to bring the line down to the sump. I used PVC with a coupler on mine for easy maintenance. For a return I also used 3/4" PVC. If i did mine again I'd probably only have one return line with a y lock line fitting with two nozzles. I used a PVC t and have two separate lines but it creates too much back pressure and therefore much lower flow. I would get a pump rated around 700 gph at the head height you require to make the overflow dead silent.


I would use a 20L for little extra fuge room. Have a local glass shop cut a couple of pieces of glass to the height you would prefer for use as baffles. There easily glued with silicone. Just wait for the silicone to cure completely (few days) before use. And use food safe silicon.


You will need a large hole in display for overflow and another hole or two for the return lines depending on how you set up. Word of advise- make sure the returns are higher than the overflow or try will always back siphon. I use a check valve on mine due to my lack of planning but it seems to work alright. I would also plump ball or gate valves on all PVC to control flow better.

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I appreciate the reply but..... ya lost me. I'm not the DIY type and the most complicated tool I own is a screwdriver with magnetic tips. LOL. I thought I'd be in over my head with this, and I'm getting frustrated and really discouraged by it :( I don't really understand what you're telling me... Maybe I can't have a sump after all? Too complicated for this brain. I'm embarrassed to say that I'll be a doctor next year (MD), but I can't figure out how to make a sump, even after reading about it for a week. This is really causing me more anxiety than it should. But I don't know. :( I just can't figure it out!

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LoL it is very simple and do not let it scare you. Gl#######s is a website that sells drill bits and overflows etc.You can drill that tank yourself very easy. The things that go in the drilled holes are called bulkheads basically they work like a nut and bolt with a hole in the middle. There are tons of videos on youtube showing people drilling tanks. Those will give you the basic idea on drilling. Forgot your other questions lol. Shoot send me a pm with your questions I will be more than happy to answer ALL of them and help you out. I hate when people are scared of sumps and spend 10 times the money on a all in one tanks.


Looks like the language filter bleeped my glass holes word for something else.


Go to your lfs and have them do it for you.

Most LFS stores will not drill a tank or have any idea how to. They would gladly order you one though.

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I am a little overwhelmed by everything I'm learning on here. I was wondering if I could just do an AC110 modded into a fuge and then later go for the overflow and sump option. I don't know anyone around here who knows about this stuff and I don't think I can do it myself :(

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I bet you would find someone local to you that could help you out with drilling your tank. They have a video on how to do it at http://www.glass-holes.com that shows you exactly how. It just takes patience (not patients! Hahahaha!) and a decent drill, preferably with torque settings.


So glass-holes would be good for you because you can buy a kit with all the parts you need to get some holes in your glass, they even come with the overflow too. All-in-all it will cost you about $110 for these kits. But it takes the guesswork out and an AC110 will cost almost as much but with a lot fewer benefits (note that the price does not include a return pump, which will run you between $50 and $150).


Anyways, there are plenty of other things to cover, but I have to go, so I'll try to update this post later.



Some items that will complete your setup (from a single source to minimize shipping):






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I made a couple PVC Overflows for super cheap, and the design I use will automatically restart in the case of a power outage...Just YouTube DIY PVC Overflow, and watch as many of the longer videos as it takes till you get the general idea...It was VERY easy, the only tools I used were a screwdriver and a hacksaw to cut the PVC...I attached a link to my video...


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Thanks for all the help :)


I've decided to stick with an AC110 for now and later go for a HOB overflow. The only question I have left is:


If I keep the water level kind of low in the sump, and the power goes out, then I won't have the flood issue? Assuming I have enough room in the sump for the extra water? That will determine whether or not I give up on the drilling issue.

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