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Nicks 14g Biocube "lil Reef" Build

B) Hello Everyone. Thought Id start my own tank thread since it looked like everyone was having fun, and I spend all my time looking at yours, why not let you see mine. My history w/ reefing is as follows... Like most I started in freshwater, I progressed to Discus, and after a year or so got bored. Sold my 110 gal tank and my 2 mated pairs of discus for a grand total of 600 bucks and headed To my Lfs (House of Tropicals) had to give them props. Here we are 5 years later but with my newest tank and adventure, a 14g biocube.


Some of my Rock and my clowns are from a 10gal I dissasembled and now hope to build a sump or something else in the future. My stock is as follows...


Tank: Biocube 14g modded

Stock PC lights, and 2 stunner strips,

(1) magenta/royal blue (1) 8k/Deep Blue

All lights are under stock cover/Clean look


Zoomed wavemaker 160gph



Removed tab in middle

Removed 2/3 bioballs

Installed nano glo Led fuge light

Chamb 2 cheato/caulderpa

Purigen/chemi pure elite

Live Rock, mixed, 20-25lbs

Live Sand, went with black for a diff look

1 lava/tufa stone cave(in for 2 years so its live)


Corals, most are 6months old or less


3 assorted will soon identify


1) red rhodactus

1)blue striped disc.

1) red disc.

1) green Ricordea

Green Star Polyps


Zoas, mixed



5 blue hermits

4 turbo and asst snails(soon to be more)

2 hitched in old brittle stars

Porcelain crab when he decides to show hes not dead

2 tru Percula Clowns

Bicolor psuedo or dotty

Green clown goby


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I think you might have posted this in the wrong section of the forum?


Unless of course you are part of lol then excuse me :)

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crap!! how do i move it? i have no idea how that happened

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More pictures! Glad you got the web album set up :)


How old is the system again?

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The Leds are already in it. Lol. Well the tank is only 3 months old, the rock and clowns came from another system that ran for over a year, but no corals in that tank. So i swiched it all over, w new live sand, cycled it, (didnt take long, i used ten gals from other tank, 4new gallons) and then started stocking. And here we are. Make sense? I got the cube in mid november.

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