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10 gallon lighting


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hey guys new to the forums but have been keeping a reef for about 6 months a 54 corner and had fresh for about 6 months before but any way. im looking at leds for a ten gallon because it seems like the only light i can find small enough and iv been looking around and have found these http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...fm?pcatid=21598 and was wondering if maybe two would work to light a ten? to keep sps or clams or anything else high light for that matter. or would i need more? would i be able to do the 8000k/453nm blue or would i need a few white and a few blue? thanks guys and gals!

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I would not advise stunners alone. Not enough par. They are meant to agument spectrum. Look at the Pro moduals. Maybe 2-3 of them for sps and clams.

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If you get just one of the panorama pro's(the combo), I believe you can keep anything you want in your 10 gallon.


I have a 24 nano cube and I require two strips to keep sps's and clams. Quoted from an ecoxotic worker.

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