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A Wee Bit of Additional light


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So currently I'm running a Coralife T5 HO dual lamp setup with one 24 watt 10,000K and one 24 watt Actinic on a 20H gallon tank. It pretty good lighting, but I'd light to supplement it with a little bit of LED light. I was looking at the Marineland single bright LED fixture. It's 6 watts and emits 300 lumens and it's spectrograph pretty much matches a standard 10,000K light. My question is will this do anything for corals, or is it just for that shimmer look?


Thanks! :lol:

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From what I've heard, it's just shimmer. Even the more intense "reef capable" leds from marineland can do xenia and that's about it

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+1 I believe that light is best suited for supplemental lighting rather than a primary light source.


If you're looking for LEDs, there are plenty of DIY options, and also the ecoxotic panorama strips, which are considerably more powerful. Still there are other manufactured options as well.


What kinds of corals are you looking to keep? Normally that light should be pretty capable of growing soft corals and even many LPS... If you're looking to get into SPS I think the cheapest and easiest option will be to just get another T5 strip...

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Sorry, should have been clearer. I'm keeping the T5 fixture in opperation. I just wanted some extra lighting. I'd like it to add a little bit of usable light as well as brighten up the tank a bit. The only reason I'm looking at the Marineland LED single bright is because it is only $45 and I wouldn't have to modify my existing lighting to fight it in.


So do you think it should fit the bill?


BTW, I'm only planning on keeping softies and maybe a LPS or two. I love the frogspawn, plate corals, and open brains, but heard they need higher lighting.

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Gotcha... Well honestly I can't say how much you would notice an LED fixture like that. It may just get lost in the T5 light... So to answer I would see if you could view the light in operation, that may give you an indication of whether or not it would provide any additional visible light.


I don't think it would really do anything for your corals to add this light to the T5 you already have though. To increase the amount of light to your corals I would just get another T5 strip. Shouldn't cost too much and it would allow you to keep corals with high light requirements.


Good luck.

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Many options to consider. One is a ecoxotic modual for ease of install. Another is a 6 LED strip with power supply from reefledlights. Both will give shimmer and useable par and spectrum.


I would consider adding a different color then what you already have. Rather then add more 10,000kelvin, more RB or RB/magenta mix would benefit the corals as well as astetics.

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