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Seaclone protein skimmer


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So I have has this Seaclone 100 protein skimmer for about well almost 3 weeks and it's still not collecting anything in the cup. I use to have this skimmer on my 50 gallon and worked great, I noticed it is starting to get a film on the inside just below the collection cup. How long dose it take for these too break in, I have it on my 20 gallon long frag tank so there just corals in there so not a huge bioload so manybe that's the reason. Any input???

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anyone got input on this?


did you ever get it to work? I just picked one up at my lfs and I can't get it to foam either :\

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This has to be the worst skimmer on the market. The design is a joke. Just do a search here to find out.

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