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Cultivated Reef

Buyer Beware... Yellow Clown Goby


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I lost a couple coral colonies and wasnt sure of the cause.. come to find out this tiny fish was destroying my stoney coral colonies :( He was pretty easy to catch though



He started by munching on my awesome baby blue acro.. ticked it off so much it turned to jelly one night :(



the next coral he moved on to was my green milli. This coral usually has such good polyp extension that you cant even see the structure of the branches.. Last few days i noticed a little white spot at the base of it .. like it was ground down.. then the next day it was a little bigger.. i've never seen this coral not open... I posted on our club forum that I bought a clown goby and another member sent me an email last night warning me about the terror rampage his clown goby went on in his tank. I hadnt posted that i had a couple loses either. My monti spongodes wouldnt open the last couple days either..



So i took the syphon tube end and put some food in it. Then i put the open end where he perches most times. when he was perched next to it i used a poker and nudged him into the tube.. he swam right to the end and i was able to just lift out the tube and walk him to the basement tank.


hopefully he'll have a new home soon :) Its too bad too .. i really liked him, super healthy and fat...little jerk lol

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Bummer!! hopefully your corals are okay! I would be very angry to find a fish eating my sps but, you are your own worst enemy in this hobby.


Last night i watched my peppermint shrimp tear into a baby mouth on my Acan... I knew i needed to get him out once he ate all the aptasia in 2 days!

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the spongodes and the milli are already starting to open lol. had to have been the fish.



I knew it wasnt something chemical in the water because everything else was open and fine.

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Clown goby's are known to munch on sps corals from what I have heard. Unfortunately it sounds like you didnt do enough research before you purchased the goby. sorry to hear about your corals but now you know I guess.

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i looked in my book last night and it does say they feed on stony coral polyps. lol foolish buy.. usually i'm smarter than that. Sometimes, in my subconscience, I think because i've been in the hobby so long i think i know it all.. then stupid purchases and coral loses like this remind me that i'm just a mortal. lol


I've always wanted one and the price was right the other day. Hopefully someone locally will have a good home for him soon :)

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I have made foolish impulse buys like this as well and it has always ended horribly. My fiance had a ycg in her 2.5 pico and it did good for a while but she didnt have any sps in there for him to munch on. I think that is one of the reasons why not too many people can keep ycg successfully is because we dont supply them with sps corals to eat and they dont always like to eat anything else.

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Hmmm.. I thought this was fairly common knowledge... Still, sucks that your corals got munched. It's definitely a pain when that happens.


I believe that if your colonies are large enough the effects of the goby are reduced significantly though...

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he destroyed the baby blue acro on the left of the picture.. stressed it out enough that it jellied over night..


the mili and spongodes are already starting to reopen now that he's gone ..

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