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Coral Vue Hydros

Another mystery coral


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Well one of my friends has a coral that he would like to know the name of. It looks like a SPS and it is a hard coral that encrusts. So an id would be appreciated.



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It looks like a gorgonian with its polyps retracted... by hard coral do you mean that the skeleton doesn't flex at all (like the usual variety), or that it has a hard feel but can bend or sway a bit?

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Thats what she said!?

Umm. Not sure whether your making a dirty joke or being sarcastic or not, but I did say it was a he.


Can you get a pic with the polyps extended? It might be a Montipora.

I shot him a message to send me a pic with polyp extension just now so I'll put up the pic when I receive it. I also thought it might be a monti but I wasn't too sure because I haven't been in this hobby too long.

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Well this is the best pic he could get because all he has is a camera phone, but it looks like the polyps are out.


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