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Labeled "GSP" - I'm not sure that it is...


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I bought this frag a few days back. It's pretty amazing. It was sold as a GSP, but I'm not so sure. The polyps are all a metallic green. They are also what I'd describe as feathered, much like my pulsing Xenias. They have a purple mat like a GSP, but the polyps that actually extend seem to have taller "bumps" to maybe even a tube. From searching, I'm wondering if it's a type of pipe organ coral?


Here's a pic:




Thanks for any help!



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I got a frag that looks almost exactly like that from my coral co-op program in my local reefer club, it was labeled gsp on the website, so i'm sure it's just a slightly different genetic trait of gsp. some seem to have thick extensions off the polyp and some have thinner ones, i personally think that is because of where it was collected and what part of the ocean.


i guess to sum it up, it's probably just your average gsp.

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Thanks Everyone! GSP it is then! I'm just happy to have it in my tank. It's a beautiful addition that looks even better when the hermits haven't just crawled over it. I took two small pieces that were hanging on the edges and glued them to a new piece of LR. Looking forward to the growth.


Oh, and yep, I pretty much expect it to grow all over. I kept it in mind before adding more to what I already have.




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I have a similar type of GSP. I like it. Looks good even when the hermits are all over it as the mat is a deep purple and the bumps for the polyps give it an interesting look. Color when open is very attractive too.


I don't mind GSP, some people think they are pests, but they are easy enough to frag that I personally don't have a problem with them. Haha, wonder if anybody's tried a wall of the stuff. :lol:

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