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anyone using the Intank basket for the AC70 filter?


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I have chaeto running in the top chamber, with 2 underwater lights for growth. I have filter floss and a heater in the first skinny section. , but the area below is not huge, its tough to fit in Chemipure, Purigen and carbon.... not a lot of space. What are you all running ? is it okay to open up the purigen and use just half of it? i know the chemipure says not too, but i havent read about the purigen. I almost wish i would have waited just a little bit longer, because now Intank has the AC110 media basket, it has a lot more room. just wondering what you all are running ! thanks

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It's fine to open up the purigen and only use half. I remember reading it treats like 75 gallons or some rediculously large number like that! Also, you can buy it outside of the filter bag in larger quantites to package yourself. You may want to do that in the future.

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