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Coral Vue Hydros

Water change/ media chnge


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So basically, as the story goes, I was way over feeding my fish and managed to have a recycle of epic proportions that hit 8+ ppm ammonia. I've been testing daily for the last two weeks after the inital spike and have been watching my ammonia go down. However, today it went back up. This isn't entirely unexpected since I think the tank is basically recycling totally and i'll basically have a clean slate post second cycle.


So the point of this post is when do I want to do a water change or media change? I don't want to screw anything up (again) so i'd like to know what the mighty voice of nano reef has to say.


Thanks in advance!




Ammonia: .25 ppm

Nitrite: .5 ppm

Nitrate 100 ppm

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Are the fish still in the tank? If they are, do massive water changes every day. If they aren't don't do a water change until your ammonia and nitrite hit 0. Your tank must not have been cycled to begin with judging by the sheer amount of ammonia you have

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I took the fish out, but left the clean up crew. Fish have been in my quarintine tank since, and are healthy and happy.


I'm not sure what happened with the cycle. I had the tank up for three weeks with live sand and partially cured rock and had a spike and drop down to zero before I added my clean up crew. I probably didn't wait long enough to make sure that it didn't creep back up, though. I'm new to this so mistakes have and will be made :D


How many spikes should I probably get before everything is fine again? I had ammonia and nitrite at 0 on monday with 20 for nitrate, and it just went back up. Should I have done a water change to ensure it didn't go back up or is it fine and I should just wait for it to hit zero again?


Thanks for the help! I want to make sure I don't screw up again.

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Mistakes are expected. You did the smart thing by removing the fish and asking questions. The second cycle was caused by too much bioload being introduced at once and the spike after ammonia hit 0 was from bacteria die off once they had no more food. Keep testing and wait for ammonia and nitrite to stay at 0 for several days to make sure everything's balanced. Then add one clownfish and continue testing water. If parameters are good, add the second a week later. They will remain a pair if kept apart no longer than 2 weeks.

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