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Suggestions on Cube Tank


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Check out the Solana from Current USA or any of the Cadlights tanks.



+1 on Solana. I have a ecoxotic 25 gallon cube that is also made by current. I've been extremely happy with it.

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PicoAquariums.com does great custom work.



Ive heard current is coming out with a new 34 gallon cube....this would beperfect but the website doesn't give any details .....anyone got the scoop?

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Marineland has a couple of shallow cubes and cubes that would be worth checking out. The 45 gallon tank is reef ready with the dimesions 24"X24"X18". Not a strict cube, but I like the shorter dimensions better.

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I've been trying to figure out what I want as my next tank. Part of the soul searching I went through was looking at cubes. I may well end up with a cube, but that's for another thread. Back on topic though, I did a full sized mock up of a 30x30x24, 24x24x24, and a 24x24x18 using a plotter at work, and appropriately sized cardboard boxes. I found the 30" to be too large for where I wanted to put it, and the full 24" height cube to be simply to tall. I'm still not sure what I'll end up with, but if it's one of those, it'll be a 24x24x18".

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