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Giesemann nova 2 wiring need help


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Ok I have a nova 2 pendant with a ignitor inside the light. I want to bypass the ignitor and use a electronic ballast. I have 2 white wires 1 white wire on each side of the DE socket. 1 white wire goes into the ignitor slot with a blue wire in the same slot. Then I have another slot on the ignitor with the other white wire from the DE socket. Last slot on the ignitor has a brown wire in it. The blue and brown wires come from the cord where you plug it into the ballast. There is a yellow wire with a green stripe which is the ground. I want to remove the ignitor but am not sure which wires get twisted together and wire nutted. Thanks for your help.





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He told me thru PM. If you need help just pm me I can help you. He explained it to me. You basically just make a big loop with the wiring if it is a MH fixture.

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