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First time Marine need help


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hey guys i have been wanting to start a marine aquarium for years now so i finally went out and bought myself a tank to have a go with i think im on top of most things but i know there is stilll ALOT more to learn. what im after today is help with the skimmer that is inside my Hai yang aquarium it seems to be bubbling to much and just filling the cup on top with to much water.

the skimmer has a small powerhead pump inside it blowing water up onto a half circle about an inch above it just need to know what i can do to set it up right and if anyone knows where i can find info on my aquarium setup and maybe if there is some way to tune the skimmer.

i am going to try attach a few pics now but if i cant i will do it later today but its a hai yang marine aquarium that is approximately 80ltrs it has two lights in the top and blue night lighting

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Paragraphs and periods are a good thing.


I don't know that skimmer model, but most have adjustable heights/other adjustments that can be used to make the skimmate thicker.

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