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NAC3.5 or AquaC Urchin? Others?

Aunt Minnie

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I'm gathering the equipment for my foray into nano reefing and now need to decide on a skimmer. My system's total water volume is just under 50 gallons and the return area of my sump is limited to 12" x 7".


I initially wanted to go with an AquaC EV-120, but found that there is absolutely no way I could shoe-horn this + pump into my return area. I technically have room in my stand to run such a skimmer externally, however I think this might be overkill and don't want to complicate things too much.


My research has brought me down to the Bubble Magus NAC3.5 cone skimmer and AquaC Urchin. I have read pros and cons of both; I know that cone skimmers are the new fad in skimming while the Urchin is basically an in-sump version of the heavily praised Remora. To be honest I'm kinda miffed that there aren't more in-sump skimmers with a smaller footprint out there: AquaC's slightly upgraded Urchin Pro doesn't even fit a 12" x 7" footprint.


Let me know your thoughts on these 2 skimmers and if there are any other models I should consider. Thank you!

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IMO, I would skip the Aqua C Urchin. People have suggested using a bigger skimmer pump but I feel the design is lacking. I would definetly go with the BM 3.5.

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SC-65 skimmer - the best bang for your buck skimmer. I use it on my AIO 40 breeder - skims like a beast. A knock off version of the BM NAC 3.5.



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