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im looking to purchase a kit to monitor my water parameters

i am new to marine tanks but have been keeping fresh water for a while

i used the api test kits and they were mostly accurate and cost efficient

but i have been reading that the api is not that good for salt water.


im just curious what test kits do people recommend.

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we you can blow some cash on salifert kits. super reliable and accurate but expensive. Personally, i'd just try to borrow one when you need it. Most people aren't that religious with their testings but i don't wanna instill bad habits.

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Salifert is the best reagent kit. Hanna checkers are really good, but are more costly upfront. API is fine for calcium and alk, but it's not accurate enough with other params.

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I disagree, having used red sea, salifert, and API, i think API is good enough for most applications. Nitrate for example... it is isnt pure yellow, obviously you have some detectible nitrates in your system... does it really matter if it is 10 or 15 ppm? not really. Cal is pretty much spot on, alk aswell... the only one i would change is phosphate. If you are on a budget, API is the best bang for your buck, hands down

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hmm yea i was plannin on api because im still new and i didnt wanna jump right in and get something really expensive.

i still am plannin on api

but are there any other tests that ima need to buy to test waters

when i start growing coral and what not.

i have a 7.5 mr aqua

and im plannin on just having some easy corals

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oh... lol well i am still in the process of getting things put together

im just waiting for my tank to get here :]


you could check out my list in the members aquarium section if youd like

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alright thx for the input. whats a good salt i can buy for a reef tank.i was plannin on going IO but they say somethings might not be enough for a reef. how is the IO reef crystal

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