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Cultivated Reef

Need to get my parameters in check

Blue Demp

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Salifert revealed the following today:


Calcium - 380

Alkanity - 7.7 dKH

Magnesium - 1100


Should I start by bumping my Mag first? then dose 2 part Calcium/Alk? My stock includes monitpora and various LPS. I want to keep more LPS in the future.


Thanks for you help!

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I give ya props for testing first ... GOOD JOB.


My tank keeps mag ~1400 ish with just WC's using Coral Reef Pro salt.


In any event, your plan sounds good. Get your Mag up, then the Alk / Cal. Just do it slowly.

Your not far off anyway. Dose the Alk/Cal at different times. I think most do Cal daytime and Alk night...

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When I'm low I usually bump my Mg first then recheck Ca and Alk then dose accordingly over 7 days to slowly bring it back up.


Google "reef calculator" to help you! Saves you the hassle and I've used it many times.

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Thanks guys! I will stop by the BRS office and pick me up the 2 part Cal/Alk and Mag Chloride / Mag Sulfate.


Could the low parameters be the reason my clam died, and why I'm getting not so great coral growth?

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