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Cultivated Reef

Anyone use this LED?


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I have that exact same RODI. Its alright but it makes only 40-50 GPD. It take me 9hrs to make 20 gal. I have everything set up right with a pressure regulater. The quick connects are not that great. You have to play around with the connection so it wont leak. The only good thing about it is that its cheap and put out good water. 0ppm on my tds meter.

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Agreed the second ones look ok

I dont see any difference except it's a little cheaper. The color rendering wont be great with those color LEDs and 20x 3 watt LEDs probably wont be enough to cover a 75 gal tank.

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actually if you look the 2nd one is $5 more expensive with shipping.


nope... better, cheaper options out there IMO. Go DIY, you wont regret it

+as many pluses as I can possibly give

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Those are the stock LED units from eshinesystems.com - a few people have them (from Stark) and like them, pismo is one I think.

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