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Tiny new 7G nano


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An important New Year's resolution for me was to finally get a saltwater aquarium, which I finally did and ordered just a simple little 7G cube with curved glass. Made in China, of course, therefore totally inadequate for a reef nano.


Here next to a bottle of Coke, just to show you the size.




As usual with newbies I then went to my LFS and got a bucket of pre-mixed saltwater and some nice LR and threw it all in. Bought a heater, thermometer and a hydrometer. And I thought it looked nice!




I then went and bought some tests and did measure some ammonia (0.5), while waiting for the tank to cycle. After reading all the posts here I realised the included 11W PC bulb is completely inadequate. Luckily, I've got a friend with a lot of experience in LEDs and he offered to upgrade the cover to LED lighting.


I also exchanged the stock pump rated at 240 l/h with a Hydor Pico Evolution 1200 l/h which gives plenty of circulation. I'm currently running only filter floss and sponges.


In the meantime I realized the scape doesn't make much sense, and after a lot of tinkering I got the form which I like, with some tunnels, good flow around LR and plenty of room to stick corals to.




I also added (or rather exchanged) almost 2G of water from an established tank, in order to speed up the cycling process. Right now my ammonia is close to 0 and I wonder why I didn't have any nitrites or nitrates from the very beginning. I have plenty of life already, 3 little brittle stars, a lot of copepods, featherdusters and a few asterina stars.




It's been a week now and I still don't get any spikes in ammonia, nitrites or nitrates and I'm wondering if I can start introducing a CUC or some other more meaningful life to the tank.


Thanks for reading!

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you should be fine to start adding your CUC you may want to give it a few more days just to see if anything changes. Take you're time go slow and ask plenty of questions and you'll be alright

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I'd try to get the LR in a less flat short manner. Maybe that's just me, but that looks like boring tables.


Also, why add the CuC now? If they're scavengers and you're feeding, sure it makes sense, but if you haven't gotten your algae bloom I'd wait.

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I'm a total newbie and everyone is like, you first add CUC then you go for fish and corals. I got an offer from a guy who was dismantling his tank to get 3 nassarius and 2 turbo snails and I was like okay, that's the way to go.


What now, should I start feeding so they don't die?

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I'd try to get the LR in a less flat short manner. Maybe that's just me, but that looks like boring tables.


As for LR, I've had it all stacked up, the people were like "where are you going to stick your frags", you need more flat space etc. I should probably stop listetning to what others say.

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I decided to dump the large pebble-like base and replace it with CaribSea Caribbean Live Sand. I didn't really expect it to be this fine, but it looks okay. This was also the moment to re-scape the LR, I'm satisfied with the way it looks now.




I changed all the water today as well. Almost all the water is from an established 100G reef tank and I hope this will give me stable test results.



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Incredibly simple!

I got mine from www.autotopoff.com. It was like $40, before shipping. If you're going to mount it in your sump I'd consider getting it without the snailguard if you don't think you'll have room. I was going to put it on the other side of my setup, but it didn't fit. It should be installed in the chamber that has the lowest water level, which wasn't really different between mine.


Other than the switch, I got a fountain pump, a 38 cup watertight container from amazon, and some 1/2" tubing. It keeps my salinity constant, and goes on maybe 5-6times a day (occasionally at night). I'm running without a top now, so it gets leaned on heavily.

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I might have a problem with color recognition - I can't really discern whether this is yellow or rather green. Photo was taken with white balance, so the colors are accurate. What do you think?



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I did my water change last night and this morning I've tested water parameters. My KH dropped from 9.0 to 6.0... Should I be worried and how to get it back up?


I'm not stocking any corals right now but plan to do it soon (as like next week).

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