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260 Gallon Reef Tank ~ A 7 Footer!


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Starting up a build thread on my 7 footer in the pipes. So far I've gotten the tank ordered and am in the process of building the tank. Hopefully this one will turn out well thought and efficient.






Double sump setup.

First sump goes:

Filter socks | Protein skimmer /Zeo reactor | Activated carbon in bags


Second sump goes:

Filter socks/Heaters/Pumps for external reactors (GFO) | Remote DSB/LRR | Empty


(|) means different chamber in sump




Lighting: Vertex Illumina 72" with 3 red module add ons


Protein Skimmer: ATB Deluxe 12.5


Controller: Neptune Apex


Circulation: Dolphin Amp Master return and 2x MP60wES in tank


Reactors: Precision Marine GFO reactor, Fauna Marin automatic Zeovit reactor, Korralin Calcium Reactor, Kalwasser for pH balancing


Still a work in progress...







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sounds pretty neat, what are you gonna stock? do liek 2000101010 tangs

also are you keeping it in that spot, infront of the window :o? lolz

Yes it is staying there. The window is normally always blocked by blinds so it is being repurposed for easy tank maintenance. Stocking will be tangs and anthias until sps are put in. Then, the angels will be added.


iball: Pictures will be added either when the stand is finished or the tank is delivered, which will be tuesday so the wait won't be long.

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More on the design of the stand:the tank will sit on the raised part to stay eye level for viewing. The lower part is for the two sumps. One will be gravity fed by the tank overflow and the other will be gravity fed by the first sump. Underneath the tank will be nothing except a control panel for the apex and vortech controllers.

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Wow! Very nice plan. Looking forward to watching this develop. Keep us posted.



was it delivered yet 0.0


Tank won't be delivered today due to LeeMar having a few issues with cutting the teeth for the external overflow. Glass is a bit more complicated in this than acrylic, so the issue isn't so much a big deal as it seems. I'll be patiently awaiting the arrival of the tank at a later date.

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Testing the new 100 /2.8 L Macro. This is the Vertex Illumina LED setup. Every foot has two of these panels which brings the total to 12 for the 6 foot fixture. Brighter than any other LED I've seen.



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Nice can't wait to see it!

Tank is at my house, but I'm waiting on some help to get this up on the stand, so no pictures until then. For now, my contest entry will have to do.


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