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I might have the nastiest tank in the community


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I've really gotta do something about this. Tap water, no skimmer, no filter and short on water changes. I actually ordered an InTank media basket and filter floss today. The next step really needs to be a skimmer. Getting even the cheapest of RO filters wouldn't hurt either. I know that a huge problem here is a phosphate issue even though I've never tested it.













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Holy crap. Buy the RODI before the skimmer. Source water is usually the root of all evil.


Thinking this is my better option. I'm prolly not gonna go with a DI just because I already know that would not want to replace it when needed. Basic RO filter wont cost to much and would make a huge difference.


I've always got a bunch of crap in the water column. Filter floss alone should be of good help here.


Is this an experiment of some sort?


Wish it was. This the result of non RO tap water. I use to bring 22 gallons of RO culligan water home every weekend from walmart. I just started getting lazy

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That actually looks interesting. I don't really care for the way these guys leave you to come up with your own plumbing solution though.


Unfortunately, I have a hard time putting faith into someones product when they can't even buy a cheap point and shoot camera to take photos for the instruction manual. Instead it consist of pictures made with what looks like "mario paint" for the SNES.

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You're going to have the same problem with a media basket and skimmer. If you get a rodi you won't even need to use anything fancy. The only thing I have in my tank is filter floss to catch debris and I have no algae. The key is 0 tds water and weekly WC's.

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Poor things...maybe they need to come live with me for a while!


Maybe setting one hour aside, once a week will make the world of difference :D



nuh-uh wouldn't put any of that in my tank lol.

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So much for keeping SPS corals and pristine water!! :lol:



I have an acropora frag. I haven't had any issues with it as of yet. My current goal is to straighten the tank out in order to keep the acropora. More importantly is my RBTA. I have already lost a small monti cap I had. I think that was due to improper water flow though. That was before I got my mp10. The monti cap never would stay clean. The flow was to low.


After I get the filter floss on the tank. My next step is to sift the sand regularly to get the crud out of it. Right now it is like mud when you sift it as far as the dirt that lifts into the water. it is extremely thick. This stuff settles everywhere. The water in the bucket is the water from my tank after doing a quick sift across the tank without moving coral. After going about half way across my 36g tank, I could no longer see and just got some of the areas on the other side where I knew there was no coral.


This stuff sticks to all the massive amounts of hair algae and other just nasty stuff and stays and collects more crud. The crud actually grows into strands and webs. It is Effin Gross.


My only water flow in the tank was the acquaclear 70 fuge and the mp10. While the MP10 does do a fantastic job with water flow, it did leave everything settling in that corner under it as well as a few dead spots. I removed a couple more small rocks that were covered with crud and added a Korilia 750 GPH (really puts about 500gph though) on the other side. Water flow couldn't actually be better. I turned the mp10 up a couple notches as well.

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