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How to frag a yuma


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I have a small Yuma about 1 inch diameter.

Can I frag it just by cutting it in half with a razor blade through the center of the mouth?

I would not do it. Usually you frag Yumas and ricordeas once they get 2 mouths. Then you can just scissor between the mouths. I advise against cutting it in half threw the middle of one mouth.

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use a razor like this:




Slice horizontal in the middle of the yuma. Then slice horizontal slightly above the first cut, then slice horizontal slightly below the first cut, should be 3 slices total.


From there, turn the razor over, use the dull side to gouge out in the same spot as the 3 horizontal slices. keep scoring/gouging the same area until a long piece of slime falls off, this is important. let is fall and discard it.


You should be left with the thickness of at least a nickle in the cut. This will leave a clean thick cut in the yuma in which leaves the yuma split in half.


There should be a bald spot in the middle, where you can clearly see the rock and a clean perfect line.



Rinse really good. And place in med/high flow, pick up every day afterwards and give a quick shake when healing.


Place back down in same spot to make sure no dead tissue infects healthy tissue and causes an infection.

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