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Salt damage coral


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Hi all,


First off, yes I'm an idiot, got that settled. So, I was doing the weekly water change in my biocube 29 and poured the new water in without it properly mixing (the pump i put in the bucket overnight is broken apparently) and essentially a bunch of freshwater was dumped into the tank, followed by a trail of wet salt, which hit my zoanthids, ricordea, red mushroom duncan and acans.What type of recovery should I expect, they all shed and mucus'd yesterday, and are looking pretty unhappy today, anything I can do for them?


On a side not i've been dosing h202 (about 10ml a day) with a bit of luck for a week, is it okay to up the amount used?


Thanks all

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Well I cant help on the salt burning, just keep the flow up I guess. But for the H2O2 I dose Only 1-2mL per 10 gallons to take care of dinoflagellate algea, 10mL is too much,depending on what your trying to achieve and what kind of corals you keep. Even for treating green water in fresh water I only ever suggest one teaspoon per 20 gallons.

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They stopped making mucus after about 7 hours, the duncan's tentacles are starting to look better, and the ricordea and mushroom are back to their ideal shape, just have some color loss, the zoanthids are still curled up though.


Thanks for the helps guys, I've taken the pump of alternating and the coral definitely liked it for recovery.

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Everything but the zoanthids have fully recovered, any additional advice guys, i've increased flow, and left the hood open the for more air as well

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