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Newbie Build CADLights 8gal


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So, I have been wanting to try salt water for some time now. I have had fresh water tanks for many years, but was always discouraged due to the popular belief they are a ton of work and very difficult to maintain. Well after reading this forum for a few weeks, I got the courage to dive in! I was initially looking at the biocube lines of tanks 14 or 8 gallon. until i went to my LFS and they turned me on to the CadLights 8gallon. Well my wife and i really liked the modern look of the CAD over the Bio Cube, so out comes the credit card. Starting out I have got the 5lbs of live sand 7.5 pounds of organic live rock (calcium rock cured at the LFS). 15lbs of instant ocean, and RO/Di water in two 5 gallon buckets. Oh by the way, all acronyms learned on this site!


Here is pictures of the tank. I am still not sure what my next steps will be after the tank cycles. I am definitely looking for suggestions! I am thinking of some soft coral, and possibly 1 or 2 fish, what do you think?



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