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Help ID this coral please.


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I recently purchased a few zoas from my LFS. The guy working there threw this one in with the others because it was a single head. I don't know who but someone in my tank decided to either have a snack or just mess with it because when I came home from work yesterday it was gone. Here is the only picture I got of it.Wondering if anyone can tell me the name so I know what I'm looking for as I really want to replace it.


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It may be one of those walking rock anemones. In which case, it could have just relocated itself in some nook where it could escape your tank lights that it may not be used to. It is difficult to tell whether it is a palythoa or an anemone. It looks like it may have certainly been quite an attractive specimen. Let us know if it happens to show up again.


Here is a great resource for zoanthids and palythoas

Here is a link to various anemone identifications

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I dont know the name but im pretty sure i have that in my tank. Green mouth brownish plate and orange skirt. They are my fastest growers.

Do you have a pic of them?

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