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Cultivated Reef

200 LPW remote phosphor, new type of light


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This website remote phospher lighting claims these remote phosphor substrates emit 200 lumens per a watt when lit by RB leds, current cree white leds are somewhere around 130 LPW.

are there claims true? if so id like to make a light with the new XTE rb leds (this is the job these where made for) with a few of them with this over them.

i can see how it could be plausible because since its remote the phosphor stays cooler and they can use phosphors that cant be used in leds due to the heat.

another good thing about them is the spectrum is higher in deep red (660 nm for chlorophyll A = more growth) than cree neutral white leds, and lower in yellow. wile having high CRI.


to good to be true???

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