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What's crawling on my Ricordia?


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So I've been seeing a couple of caramel colored blotches on my Ricordia. When I moved in with a probe to take a closer look the blotches disappeared. So, these things look like smooth textured caramel colored slugs however are very fast and can apparently see me coming cause they bolt when I get close. They do have any visible eyes or legs. What are these things and will they harm my Ricordia?

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They're usually just ugly. If you can reduce the amount of nitrates and such in tank, you will reduce their numbers,. You can also siphon or baste them off, but be careful what corals you do that to, because it can damage their flesh. Ricordea are sturdy enough to withstand it, but it's really only a temporary fix.


If they are that bad, there is the FWE option, but you have to be ready to siphon out the dead ones and need water for a water change, and it can kill or hurt a few other critters that may be in your tank. If they really are only on your ric, you could take it out and give it a little dip in a flatworm exit solution and then put the coral back in the tank and hope for the best.



That said, the ones I've dealt with most certainly aren't fast (top speed of only a few mm per second), so are you sure they went away when you got close? Could it be a worm with these things attached to a single animal, a polyp of some sort, or something like an isopod? A pic would help a lot.

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Siphon with airline tubing, I've done it twice now. The good news, if they are what I have, they only live on soft coral and are commensal, meaning they benefit and don't harm the coral.

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Well I pulled out my Ricordia yesterday and went at it. Was able to remove the six that I've been seeing for a couple of weeks. I believe they were introduced with some lr I brought in not to long ago. Hopefully they didn't get a chance to reproduce. They were the all brown ones.

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