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Something wrong with molly?


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i just got an orange molly and realize the base of his fins are white. the fins are nice and clear. is this finrot? the begining of it? some fungal infection? it just the color, there is no visible fuzz...will the conversion to SW kill the infection, if it an infection?

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Pic? Fin rot, at its beginning stages is very easy to kick. Try heated water and MelaFix. Worked every time for my puffers and tetras.

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Still acclimating, can't get a goo pic


I thought this guy died, but he just stressing. Female is just fine though, and still picking on him :angry:


Can I add a little erythromycin to the bucket? They are going to be in there for another few hours. Will it do anything?

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Then it should be fine. Sure. But stick to the recommended dosing. In fact, I'd dose even less than recommended for stress reasons.

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no need to troll.


Google saltwater mollies, has been done a million times before with plenty of success.


I'm guessing you are new to the hobby?

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i thought the acclimation process was like +.02 every other day.


Would have been better, but they can take 5-8 acclimation.

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I think I may have to give this a try, from all that ive read so far, they seem like a great addition to a clean up crew. Maybe I can get rid of my bulldozing hermits lol.


Good luck on the Acclimation process and keep us informed!!

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Another thing that could be causing the fish to stress more is that the heater I'm using does not have a very good thermostat.

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