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looking to buy an Apex jr can you reccomend a site i should order off of? had an order in at aquacave but they couldn't get any in for over 5 weeks

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i got mine from tbaquatics, free shipping. the cheapest neptune wants them sold at so everyone is going to be at least $149. there back ordered now to. i say just get one on preorder and wait for it.


only reason i would get rid of mine is to go with a full apex. its nice to get a text at work telling me the power went out and the tank temp dropped to 75.9 degrees

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i ordered from tbaquatics as well, but i picked up since they're in NJ. i ordered from them because i had ordered from premiumaquatics but got a call saying they were out of stock. instead of waiting i cancelled the order and picked up from tbaquatics.

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