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40B with <3

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So I graduated 2 years ago and have been working ever since towards my professional title as an accountant. I have just under 5 months before the big day. My 40B http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...c=85452&hl= has had neglect ever since I started my job and ever then, I've been selling off items here and there. Not too long ago, I got rid of the major bulk of my livestock and I'm just sitting on a couple pieces of LR (to give to my friend) and some fish waiting for their new home. I've been able to get most of my money back from the breakdown and now I plan on setting it up, with a better budget. To read what I previously had, visit my old thread mentioned above.


My budget is $1,500CAD which is on the high scale of things since I have most of the basics already. I know everyone on nano-reef enjoys helping other people spend money and this has been my #1 source for inspiration. I've been out of the reefing loop for a while, so I'm trying to catch up on what's everyone going goo-goo-gaa-gaa over. Please feel free to offer suggestions and directions for items to look at and research upon.




Display: Current 40BR (to be cleaned up). I contemplated going with a 40long which gives a nice length for the eyes, but not much depth to play with the aquascape.


Lighting: I'm currently looking for suggestions on LED's that allow me to control the colours. I've been down the T5 lane and MH, but this is the new "Gadget" that I want to show off.

- 1 Max spec Mazarra S or P ($340/$440)

- 1 AI SOL (old version) ($430)

- 1 Aquabeam 1000 Ultra HD LED w/Control ($382)

- 1 Vertex LED Marino Biano 36" ($350)

- 2 Par 38's (but limited to colour combo) ($140ea, $280)

- 1 JBJ Unibody Dimmable 54 Watt 6500K-20000K LED Fixture ($350 USD)



Currently have a CPR ~300gph in black. Looking to get something in clear to see if there are any clog issues.



- DIY ~25-30gal (Stage 1, bubble diffuser with sock, stage 2 skimmer with output directly to return chamber, stage 3 macro section, stage 4 return). Carbon/sponge pads between baffles to reduce noise. Partial lid on inlet section to reduce bubble and salt spray.



Water movement:

Vortech MP10 (Have)

Return pump on SCWD x2 outlets (have)



- Standard Metal (Have)

- Custom build unit around standard frame (In design)


Monitoring equipment:

- RKL Basic (Have) possible expansion for Sal/pH

- Looking for something else with wifi and ph/salin monitoring already available.


Testing equipment:

- Hanna for calium

- Hanna for nitrate



- going either "eco" rock 50lb ($150)

- or local left over rock.



- SPS frags only, I will not splurge on colonies like I have done in the past.

- Zoa's for down below


Livestock (Fish/CUC):


A) Either 1 really amazing show fish and mostly corals

B) A bunch of small gobies and smaller fish for activity to keep within the nano perspective theme.

C) Predators... incl anglers and mini lions, choice for corals will depend...

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Livestock (Fish/CUC):

- Either 1 really amazing show fish

- A bunch of small gobies.

- Predators... incl anglers and mini lions.


These are three different options, right? Because a bunch of small gobies with either an angler or dwarf lion would not turn out well for the gobies.

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These are three different options, right? Because a bunch of small gobies with either an angler or dwarf lion would not turn out well for the gobies.


Yes 3 different options lol. As for the fish stocking, I'm looking for something "different" I've done all of them in the past. I'm going through under water pictures now and looking for 1 photo to just try and "recreate" that specific section.

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I got my hands on some dried 'lr', which I believe is Fiji premium. about 16lb from a friend.

He also hooked me up with a nice 3 chamber 15 gallon sump and a Tunze 9006 skimmer.


Perfecto black stand has been ordered and should be in by end of week. I had an issue with the prior stand that I took home as 1 side was not at all leveled, but the pet store assured that it's just a rare case of a bad make so they ordered me a new one.


Lighting has been confirmed and ordered: TEK Elite 6 bulb 36". I found an amazing deal on this one so I can't wait to get it in. Should be here next week!!!


I increased my budget to $1,250 set to complete, which has allocated about $300 to live stock. Pictures soon to come when it arrives.

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